My Simple Life…Out Loud

homeI have always loved to write, and I have wanted to start a blog for years, but I never felt like I had the time. Lately, I have significantly reduced the amount of time spent watching TV, and I have reduced a lot of the stuff that was cluttering my life. By doing these things, I have created some extra time. The benefits of watching less TV are obvious, but by clearing the things in my home, I got the added benefit of extra time that I do not have to spend on cleaning. Those of you who know me know how much I do not enjoy cleaning. I got so tired of it that I decided earlier this year that I had had enough. I have gotten rid of over 100 bags of stuff and am finally at the point where I can keep my house presentable without wasting so much time.

I have eliminated duplicates of things throughout my home by answering simple questions like… How many can openers does one family need? Do I really need every single color of that shirt that was on sale? How many towels/blankets/sheet sets do we ever really use? I gave each item in my closet a good hard look and asked myself if it fit, if I would really wear it again, if I even liked it in the first place, and if I went shopping today if I would buy it. I gave my children the chance to really evaluated their clothes, too. Children will be brutally honest if you give them the freedom and refrain from offering your own opinions. I allowed my older children the chance to look at each piece of clothing and tell me if they truly liked it or not – and didn’t argue with them if they said they didn’t like something, no matter how much it had cost. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a work in progress. I still have a lot of things in my home that I do not need (and many that I do not even like), but I am working each day toward a home filled with things that I love.

I like to share experiences with others. I cook. I craft. I experience life with my husband and three children. I created this blog to share my life with those who choose to follow along. I’ll share recipes, family experiences, things I’ve made, my thoughts, and my journey to a simpler and less-cluttered life. If any of this sounds interesting, tune in. Here it is…my simple life out loud.

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