Easy Breakfast Ideas to Get You Out the Door Quickly in the Mornings

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that I am not the only mom out there who struggles with finding quick, healthy breakfast ideas for the kids and myself. I sometimes feel as if I have tried it all. Smoothies seem like an excellent idea, don’t they? I thought so, too. I tested a few out and got positive reviews, so I bought all the ingredients, prepped them, froze them into individual serving bags that I could pop straight into the blender each morning, patted myself on the back, and fell asleep thinking that I had finally found the solution. Well,…..it turns out that my kids only sort of like the smoothies and really don’t care for them for breakfast. 😁

Okay, no big deal. I decided to make the lovely breakfast sandwiches that I saw on Pinterest. You know, the ones with English muffins with deli ham, cheddar, and an egg that you cook – get this…in muffin tins in the oven! I churned out twelve of these bad boys at a time while I sat and drank my coffee thinking I was a genius. The kids even said they loved them the first day. I alternated with another breakfast so they wouldn’t get tired of them. The second time, I was greeted with a bit less enthusiasm but no complaints. (By the way, I love these things! They taste like egg McMuffins to me, and though I can’t handle much from McDonald’s, I do love egg McMuffins The eggs cooked in the muffin tins turn out just like the ones they use. If you are a fan of those like I am, I recommend trying these.) By round three of the breakfast sandwiches, however, my kids were eating less and less of the sandwiches, so…..back to the drawing board. 

I sometimes mix waffle batter and keep it in the refrigerator to make waffles. This idea isn’t too bad. The kids like waffles – especially with some chocolate chips thrown in – but, they rarely get themselves ready in time to sit down and eat the waffles with syrup, so this one often fails. We end up folding them in half with no syrup and eating them on the run. 

I have tried sausage and biscuits, but my oldest doesn’t love sausage. Bacon makes too much of a mess (and, yes, I cook it in the oven with foil in the pan, but it still makes a mess that I don’t want to clean). They don’t like most frozen breakfast items (which end up being very costly anyway). Oatmeal brings the same challenge as waffles…not enough time to sit and eat it. 

Yogurt with granola…overnight oatmeal…granola bars (store bought and homemade)…I have tried them all. So, this morning we tried yet another idea. I hope this one will be a keeper. It is a recipe from eMeals (I am a subscriber and absolutely love this meal planning service) and was listed as a dessert, so surely it will be a popular breakfast, right?

The recipe is called Peanut Butter-Chocolate Crispy Rice Treats and you can find it here: eMeals Recipe Link. I know that some of you out there are judging me right now… I mean, dessert for breakfast? 

Just look at it…

Hear me out though… It’s made with cereal – cereal that has vitamins and minerals, and peanut butter – hello, protein! Admittedly, the marshmallows and chocolate (which is optional, by the way) are not the healthiest, but it can’t be any worse than the store-bought cereal bars or chocolate cereal, and all three of my children actually ate it. 

Slightly sugary food is better than no food at all in the mornings in my humble opinion, so, for now I’m going to call this one a keeper. They even asked for it again tomorrow! I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts. What quick and healthy breakfast ideas do you use?


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