Backyard Farm Project-How It All Began

I’m finally embracing my country roots. We have started this little backyard farm project, and it all started with chickens.Just look at that face! Isn’t Pecky hilarious?

I have wanted chickens for years, but my husband thought that they would be too much trouble. Over the Christmas holidays, a strange (and hilarious) set of circumstances finally convinced him otherwise. A friend of mine was raising chickens at her farm, but had grown tired of them. They were multiplying and, being free range chickens, were making quite a mess of her exquisitely decorated outdoor living space. She decided to load up the whole crew and give them away. Unfortunately, when she was on her way to pick up some Adirondack chairs that my husband built for her, they all ended up escaping and running loose throughout the town. One escaped at a gas station, prompting a call to the police department. Quite a few apparently escaped as she was travelling down the road. And, finally, when she arrived at the shop, the last of them escaped. You should’ve seen the videos! It was hilarious watching them run around and try to herd chickens back into a kennel. In the end, five remained loose behind the shop.

That evening, feeling concerned for their safety, my husband headed back to the shop to see if he could find them. He ended up catching one. The others ran into the woods, but he brought the one home in a dog kennel, and our adventure as chicken owners began. The kids and I were thrilled to have a chicken at our house! My six-year-old named her Pecky, and we decided that night that there was no way we were going to part with her. After a little begging, he agreed that she could stay. The following day (Christmas Day), after gifts were opened, we headed out to construct a makeshift coop and home for our new pet. When church was over, we headed back to the shop and sure enough, the other four were walking around. The three kids and I cornered them and kept them contained while he was able to catch each one and put it into the kennel. We took them home and placed them into their new (temporary) home.

That afternoon, we sat and watched those chickens for hours. We were hooked. We immediately started researching and learning everything we could about chickens. We have since built a much larger coop/run and are the proud owners of two-week old chicks in a variety of types. More on that later… Do any of you have chickens? How did your adventure begin? Follow me on Instagram @backyardfarmproject if you would like to see photos of chickens, dogs, cats, and various projects going on around our property. And stay tuned…the adventure won’t stop here!